Sunday, April 09, 2006

wonderful saturday

aaah so my wonderful saturday began with fun faces of pankaj n akilesh(motu), as usual i end up waiting for these two guys coz motu jus cant be on time... but its cool coz its 7 in the mornin n i jus cant be irritated coz im too busy being happy... the beach is sooooo fucking beautiful!!! i could jus live there.... so karan got nemo o the beach!!!!! (his 3 n 1/2 month old white lab) wheeeeeeeeee!!!! n i was all responsible n all!! hehe!!! so much fun!!! i want a dog right now!!!! so usual fun at the beach. akilesh even knocked me head on into the sand, is cool we fight like cats n dogs!!! *wink*
then came home n showered n left for bhavans to meet motu 's col frenz. ate at shettys!!! not done that in a long time, so felt very good n pretty full!!! came home n n jus slept, woke up only at 6 something. so then went down to meet my fav ppl - rohit n preeti!!! n had the best time ever!!! went to my terrace with food(piknik) n digicam, took amazing pics!! n we had a ball!!! sooooo much fun!!!
funny thing is friday nightt all three of us were in the worst of moods... we all wanted to die/kill somebody but on saturday it was jus brilliant!!! feels so outstandingly gr8 to smile n make someone smile n even better to see that smile stay.... rio n preeetey r the best!!! (preeti n my current disp pics n hi5 for terrace pics) preetey's digicam rules!!! we took such sexy pics in complete darkness its shockin... there is no light on my terrace so we couldnt see a thing on the cam ka display, we jus kinda assumed we would be in the frame. this way we got a lot of cut off pics too... but also got some stunnin ones... so preetey finally approves of my monkey face =) wheeeeeeeeee *wink*
its all faith in this song - maybe tommorow is a better day!!! god bless the song writer!!! =))


Blah said...

I want the lab and I want Preeti.

the ape said...

u really dont have much to do these days is it?
amazingly u didnt write about the mournful mondays
torturous tuesdays
wasteful wednesdays
time pass thursdays
faltu fridays and super sleepy sundays
neways since its my first read of ur blog i must compliment as well (how unlike me) but its nice to read pakau stuff once in a while.
i wil read other articles later . hoping that u have written stuff worth all the effort and pain i will take to read them.

PS: sumthing tells me if its by good ol' sneha its gonna be worth it .

sillysneha said...

my dear pooh!!!
u na, u kno just wat to say!!! LOL! read on n u shall answer ur own questions!!! see when u r not here i dont hav anyone to obsess about!!! lol!!! trust me my blog be fun!!! now ur good ol' sneha has endless crap to say... so sit bac relax n enjoy my life!!!